Saturday, July 30, 2011

back from unannounced hiatus?

I decided my summer was kind of boring so I stopped writing about it...

So what's happened recently? Ummm...I took a lot of hipster pictures...

Also, I got my dorm for MIT. I will describe it thusly:
1. It is a castle.
2. It has food, such as lunch. More importantly, it has brunch, so that I don't even have to leave to get breakfast.
3. It is close to class. So, no waking up late and sprinting long distances to make it to class.
About three weeks until I get to campus and then head off to FLP. This summer has gone by especially quickly. I hypothesize that my repetitive daily schedule and lack of stimuli outside of my house has made the days blur together.

I'm getting excited for MIT, but I noticed that I'm starting to remember events from Exeter as though they took place in the very distant past, or in a dream. Are experiences so very transient? How long will it be until I forget?

Speaking of dreams, I think I had a lucid dream. I think I realized I was in a dream and made a Korean guy I know turn into a blond guy I know and then back. The problem was that then I forgot I was in a dream and thus couldn't control the rest of it. I've been remembering that I've dreamed much more than I previously did. Strange.

*That makes it sound worse than it is. It just means that I work at home, and then I work at an actual workplace, and then I go swimming. Over and over, in varying orders, with repetition.

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